Dear customers and fitness friends,

Our products will help you to achieve improvement in your health and physical condition.
We offer professional fitness machines, free weight benches, single and multi-purpose fitness equipment to boost strength of individual muscle groups or whole body workout. We provide fitness equipment for public gyms and fitness centers, hotels and also for smaller type of hotels or households. We also specialize in design and manufacturing of spinning bikes. Our products are of highest quality, manufactured with attention to every detail and are easy to use.

We have many years of experience in rehabilitation, where the main focus is on gradual muscle revitalization and regeneration of muscle tissue. For handicapped people in a wheelchair we have developed a device that allows for exercise of the whole body without changing trains, and above all, we are able to adjust the machine to your individual requirements and needs.

We believe that we can respond to your specific requirements and demands. If you like to order from our catalogue or have a special request, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as possible - your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Your LAX Fitness Systems team

How to choose a fitness machine

When selecting a fitness equipment you should consider the machinery that is designed to preserve the proper ergonomic movement. All of our fitness machines were designed with this in mind. It is also necessary to focus on the ease of use and safety during the exercise. Those are our primary goals during the manufacturing of all our fitness equipment while attending to every little detail.

How to choose a multifunctional fitness machine

Multipurpose fitness machines are intended for training of multiple muscle groups or whole body workout. They are suitable to be used primarily in the household, smaller hotel gyms and fitness centers. Our main focus during the production is on a proper ergonomics during the training while allowing the full extent of muscle movement.

How to choose a rehabilitation machine

When choosing rehabilitation fitness equipment it is important that the machines are designed for all types of patients and especially for people dependent on wheelchairs. It is important that adjusting mechanism is simple so it can be easily used for exercises from the wheelchair. That's why we developed rehabilitation fitness equipment that enables a person in a wheelchair to do all exercises at once without needing to change trains.